WSSC Performance Pack (Triple eBook Bundle)

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WSSC Performance Pack is a triple eBook bundle to accompany our DVD Education Pack. This includes 3 of our best eBooks to create the most well rounded highest performing athlete possible.

The Big 6 Primal Patterns

This 40 page eBook is a combination of performance science, art and what has worked for me in the real world (anecdotal evidence), with real athletes for real results. These movements transcend sport and position, the majority of sports and all ground-based field athletes will benefit greatly from mastering these 6 movements. They are the core of your development, ground zero, your bread and butter in the gym – cant complete these correctly in a controlled environment? Good luck doing their transferable, skill-based derivatives in a high pressure match or game.

Myself along with my Performance Coaches coach these movements every day in all WSSC facilities with new athletes, advanced athletes and also rehab athletes. A core part of our philosophy is that athletes do not need a hundred exercises; all they need is a few (6) performed at high quality and
with consistency.

An Insight Into Elite Athletic Recovery Practices


Optimise Recovery. Optimise Performance.

Recovery and performance go hand in hand. 

Your body progresses, makes adaptions, improves, when you rest. 

Optimise this recovery phase to see your performance on the field, and results in the gym reap the rewards!

This eBook was written by Brett Cranage (Ba.Ex.Sci (HONS)) who completed his Honours research on the Recovery practices Elite AFL and AFLW High Performance Managers prescribe to their teams!

We go into the "When", "Where", "Why" and "How" to best optimise all major recovery methods & how you can implement them in your own home!


An Aspiring Athletes Guide to Elite Physical Preparation eBook (REVISED & UPDATED)


This eBook details the justification of Woodford Sport Science Consultings’ methods of athlete development. The eBook is written towards the athlete themselves to help them understand the phsyiology, science and theory behind why they are doing what they are doing in the gym. Not only this, but also gives specific examples as a guide, so you can start your journey towards elite physical performance today!

This eBook is still very relevant to the Strength & Conditioning Coach – providing a nice summary on the topics of:

  • SMR & Activation
  • Power Development
  • Strength Development
  • Accessory Work
  • Conditioning
  • Programming