WSSC Education Pack (HP60 & JAD DVD/Guide to Elite Physical Prep E-BOOK)

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WSSC Education Pack includes 3 of our best selling most valuable products valued at a total of $100.00 

High Performance 60 (HP60) DVD (3 Disc Series)

  • Director of Athletic Performance Christian Woodford and Head Performance Coach (WSSC CASEY) Jay Ellis have packed 180 minutes of high level content into this 3 disc DVD series that's been sold in 8+ countries.
  • Learn the science, art and PROVEN WSSC training systems behind creating bigger, stronger, faster & more efficient athletes.
    • Disc 1: SMR, Mobility & Activation
    • Disc 2: Speed & Power
    • Disc 3: Strength

    Junior Athlete Development DVD (1 Disc)

    • To have a comprehensive understanding of the foundation of building junior athletes from the ground up this is the DVD you need to see. The information in this DVD is perfect for parents, junior athletes themselves as well as support personnel such as Sports Coaches.
    • This DVD will change your perception, and broaden your knowledge and understanding on the holistic topic of Junior Athlete Physical Development through understanding the role of the nervous system, an adolescents’ physiology and how this relates to their sport & their physical development

    An Aspiring Athletes Guide to Elite Physical Preparation (E-BOOK)

    • This eBook details the justification of Woodford Sport Science Consultings’ methods of athlete development. The eBook is written towards the athlete themselves to help them understand the phsyiology, science and theory behind why they are doing what they are doing in the gym. Not only this, but also gives specific examples as a guide, so you can start your journey towards elite physical performance today!

    • This eBook is still very relevant to the Strength & Conditioning Coach – providing a nice summary on the topics of. SOLD 500+ WORLDWIDE. 

      • SMR & Activation
      • Power Development
      • Strength Development
      • Accessory Work
      • Conditioning
      • Programming

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