Lifting 101: Womens Workshop

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Thinking about adding in weights into your workout/training routine?

You should! It's a great idea - as there are so many benefits! From decreasing body fat, increasing strength and lean muscle to improving posture, back pain and overall quality of life - and still, the list could go on!

At Woodford SSC, we want to debunk the stereotypes and myths of womens fitness and training, which is why we're hosting a welcoming, Women only Workshop - there won't be a male in sight! We'll teach correct techniques in resistance training lifts, while you discover all the benefits of strength training for your physique, metabolism, posture and general cardiovascular health. 

So, what's the deets?

When? Saturday, November 16th
Where? 1/97 Chochranes Road, Moorabbin
Time? 12 - 4PM

Hope to see you here!

Ph: 03 9532 6132