Level 1 Applied Strength, Power & Speed Workshop (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL)

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Christian Woodford B.App.Sci (HONS) and Senior Coach Jay Ellis BExSc/HM (MSportSc) combine together for nearly two decades of experiences to present Woodford's most in depth and advanced workshop. This workshop is a 2 DAY EVENT, Jay Ellis will be presenting day 1 and Christian Woodford will be presenting day 2.

Why are we running this workshop?

  • To improve the ability to practically apply fundamental sport science principles into the applied setting. The issue we see is exercise science students and coaches is that they have the theory, but limited practical application.
  • Theory + real world practical application = strong coaching. The combination of ART and SCIENCE, that's what we teach in this workshop.

Workshop Content Outline:

Day 1 (Jay Ellis)

  • Breathing Mechanics - the science of breathing and it's application on the body systems
  • Mobility/Movement Sequencing
  • SMR (Self Myofascial Release) & Activation Strategies for Warm Up & Recovery
  • Optimizing Warm up Through Using Flow
  • Foundational Anatomy & Physiology
  • Screening for Compound Lifts

Day 2 (Christian Woodford)

  • 5 Areas of Maximal Neuromuscular Strength & Power Development
  • Energy System Interplay / Neuromuscular Recovery Rates
  • Neuroscience Principals discovered from Christian's honors. 
  • The practical application of how the force velocity curve applies to athletic development and human performance.
  • WSSC Programming / Periodization Methodology 
  • Understanding speed and power and the cue's and progressions we use with our athletes.
  • Practical component breaking down the RDL, squat and deadlift.

Date/Time: November 25th and 26th (Saturday & Sunday) 10AM - 5PM 

Location: Woodford Sport Science Consulting (Moorabbin) 41 Roberna St, Moorabbin VIC 3189