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The sequel to the world wide recognised HP60 is here: The High Performance 30.

Christian Woodford and Jay Ellis combine once again to bring you the HP30. What your going to get with the HP30 is going one level deeper than the HP60 took us. The HP30 will offer more advanced exercises and progressions wrapped up in Christian and Jay's 2 decades of knowledge and experience. If you own the HP60, DO NOT miss your chance to add the HP30 to your collection.

HP60 was about the foundations of, movement preparation (SMR, Mobility & activation), speed/power and strength. The HP30 is our progression series and goes into detail about how the WSSC system has been refined over the last 4 years. It also discusses what Christian and Jay believe will help YOU the coach, student, allied health pro etc, with better and more efficient coaching to maximise your results. 

The main goal through this HP series is to give coaches, trainers, students, exercise science graduates and allied health professionals HIGH level video educational content to learn & APPLY performance science, ART & our PROVEN WSSC training systems for athletic development and injury reduction.

NOTE: This is the second last HP in the series finishing with 10 = 100 points of knowledge for trainers, coaches, students and athletes.