Womens Body Composition Workshop

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This workshop will empower women to sort through the myths and fads and use proven science that has worked for hundreds of our women to achieve the confidence, strength and body they want. 

We will teach you the practical science of how to optimize your for fat loss and acheive the ideal body you strive for. 

We priced this workshop so reasonably so we could get the opportunity to educate and empower as many of you as possible. We want to show you, you don't have to be obsessed about your training and nutrition to get results. We want to show you that you don't need to purchase hundreds of dollars in programs, supplements and fads to attain the body you want and feel healthy and strong in your body. In this workshop we'll teach you the simple fundamental principles that have worked for hundreds of women's we've coached through Woodford.

This workshop will be presented by Director Christian Woodford and co-presented by WSSC Performance Coach Jessica Fantone. Jess has nearly completed her bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science and is very passionate about women’s health and fitness, and as a result she runs the Girls That Lift program at Moorabbin. She believes that there is no reason why women can’t be strong, fit and healthy just like their male counter parts. She has hundreds of hours of experience helping women achieve their strength, fitness and body composition goals and will provide a great unique insight into training and health. Just yet another reason why you shouldn't miss this workshop!

This workshop will also be assisted by Elise Constable who has been training at WSSC under Senior Coach Anthony Stubbs for over 6 months and run's her own personal training business, helping men and women achieve their own body composition goals. 

Some of the topics we will be teaching:

  • Understanding the science and physiology behind fat loss and muscle gain.
  • The truth behind all the health and fitness fads/myths and what really works.
  • Physiological body systems and how they interact for body composition change.
  • Metabolic pathways interplay during different training parameters.
  • A basic foundation of the significance nutrition and supplementation plays in building a strong lean body.
  • The WSSC 4-Way Method: Combining strength training with conditioning for a potent fat burning effect metabolic priming.


LOCATION: 41 Roberna St, Moorabbin VIC 3189

This workshop is a combination of practicum and theory so please come in training attire.