An Insight Into Elite Athletic Recovery Practices

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Optimise Recovery. Optimise Performance.

Recovery and performance go hand in hand. 

Your body progresses, makes adaptions, improves, when you rest. 

Optimise this recovery phase to see your performance on the field, and results in the gym reap the rewards!

This eBook was written by Brett Cranage (Ba.Ex.Sci (HONS)) who completed his Honours research on the Recovery practices Elite AFL and AFLW High Performance Managers prescribe to their teams!

We go into the "When", "Where", "Why" and "How" to best optimise all major recovery methods & how you can implement them in your own home!

For each method we discuss:

  •  Introduction & context for each recovery method
  •  Supposed benefits based off the most current research 
  •  How to implement each method in the most beneficial format in your own home
  •  How difficult the method is to implement
  •  All delivered in a writing style suited to the athlete - no confusing terminology or in-text citations*

*citations can be provided upon request to Coaches and Professionals

We'll break things down simply in a "When", "Where", "Why" and "How" table for each method. Giving you clear guidelines of how these methods are used, on average, with Elite AFL & AFLW athletes.

Bonus! Recovery Points Tracking System

Track your recovery with this simple chart that combines all the eBooks' information onto 

one A4 page for easy application!

This system breaks down your recovery into "day of sport", "day after sport" and "24-48 hours after sport" 

to ensure the most relevant methods are used at the correct times.

From the Author Brett Cranage

“The inspiration for creating this eBook is to provide you with the best and most current information on recovery practices. By mimicking what the elite high-performance departments are doing, you’ll be able to ensure your performance is at it’s peak all year round. I hope you find it informative and are able to easily apply the methods into your own schedule.” - Brett Cranage Ba.Ex.Sci (HONS)